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I’m cold.

2011 January 17
by Justine

“Put on a sweater!”

Do you know how many times I heard that growing up? My parents didn’t have a lot of money in their younger years, so they grew to be thrifty in all areas…including the heating bill. So, when my grandmother—always the practical one—gave me an old-fashioned hot water bottle with a hand-sewn cover, it actually was put to good use. Unfortunately, it went by the wayside among the many moves of my college days.

My current home, though it has a lot of perks, was built in the 70s and has an ass-backward system of heating. The bedrooms have radiant heat in the ceiling, and the heat vents in the main living area don’t seem to do a damn thing. Now, if I owned the place, I’d ensure that a more efficient system was installed. But, since I don’t have that liberty, we’ve had to get creative.

Aside from a couple of oil space heaters, I’ve revived the original rubber water bottle. They’re surprisingly difficult to find! (I found mine new on Ebay, and so far I’m pleased with it.) I can only assume when the electric blanket and disposable heating patches came on the scene, the low-tech, but trusty “hottie” went out of fashion. Well, I’m here to say, what a great item to own for those chilly winter days to warm the bed before jumping in, or to ease cramps and tummy aches.

To make my new friend a little cozier, I knit him a sweater. This cute pattern was borrowed from Cocoknits, and allowed me to use of some of the extra cheapo yarn I had laying around. Now, my cuddle times are much happier…and warmer!

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