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World’s Best Cat Litter

2011 January 4
by Justine

Some of you out there must be cat owners (um…’companion’ is probably what the cats would prefer we be called). For those of you who aren’t, this potty-talk post may bore you.

We’ve lived with at least one cat for about 4 years now, and about half that time we used the standard clay litter. However, when we brought home our second cat, Eva two years ago, we decided to try something more natural if we were going to be contributing that much waste from our household. We tried these weird pellet things, but that was a no-go. Then, we found World’s Best, which was a similar consistency to clay, but made of corn. It’s a natural ingredient, clumps hard as rocks, and is flushable.

Hustler, the neighbor cat, checking out my "litter photo shoot"

The flushable aspect appealed to me. No more wondering how to deal with the ‘scoops’. And, to conserve water, I try to scoop when flushing is needed anyway. TMI?

I will say, the oldest cat took awhile to get used to the change. I still think she gets in and out as fast as possible to avoid the texture. Can you blame her though?

Why am I willing to scoop anyone’s poop, you ask? It’s quite difficult resist these two.

Bitty and Eva performing the napping ritual

I’m always open to suggestion, so if you know more about this product, or have found a similar product you like, please share.

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  1. katie permalink
    May 20, 2012

    I saw your comment at moderncat32““““““““““““““““““““““` (I’m keeping the 32 & tilda like things on this comment because my cat just typed it with her butt, so apparently Maggie says “Hi”) regarding litter and it linked me to this post.

    I use purr & simple/blue buffalo walnut litter mixed about 70/30 with corn litter. I think it is a little easier on the paws than the world’s best. The walnut litter clumps like a rock and controls odor wonderfully, but I have to mix corn in because it turns my calico’s white paws brown. I’m not sure why that bothers me, but whatever.

    Good luck!

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